Dec 24, 2007


I preface this by saying- WICKED is the best show I have ever seen.
(I am honest enough to admit, it is the only Broadway show I have ever been to, BUT it is still the best!)

It isn't exactly like the book, (Wicked, by Gregory Maguire) but the adaptation actually fits the storyline a little better, and if you watch The Wizard of Oz right after, you get a whole different perspective- so go see this show!

I didn't read the playbill till after, and only noticed that it said absolutely no photography of any kind allowed, so ummm oops?
How awesome is Ga-linda's (Glinda's if you haven't seen it yet) bubble? Took me till the end of the show to get the huge moving circle she stands in represents her bubble- I do not claim to be brilliant....
The girl who plays Ga-linda was hilarious- but this role was best played by Kristen Chenowith who actually recorded the official soundtrack with Idina Menzel (hello- did you read my 'Enchanted' post- I am obsessed with her!)
For such a 'small' production, the stage, sets and effects were pretty cool
You can click on each pick to enlarge- it's nice photograph for an iPhone without a flash!
I love their version of the "Wizard's Head"

This scene is the best part of the whole show- skip to the track titled "Defying Gravity" on the official soundtrack and it will blow your mind- it takes place right before intermission so DON'T get impatient and go to the bathroom... wait till the break... it's worth it!
How cute is the Emerald City?
The Wizard, Elpahaba and the 'Wizard Head' LOVE IT!
This scene represents when Dorothy's house has fallen on the Witch of the East and Glinda has already given Dorothy the ruby slippers and sent her along the yellow brick road...
Elphaba is enchanting Fiyero so he can't be killed- and then he becomes the Scarecrow (not like the book)
Dorothy throws the water....
Hiss.... "I'm melting, oh what a world what a world...."
Green smoke- Elpahaba, witch of the East is dead.
Ah ha! It was a trick- she is fine and meets up with Fiyero (Scarecrow now) once more... see, better ending than the book!
They all came out for the finale- it was spectacular!
You can get the soundtrack for about $9 from (I did, and they had free shipping for the holidays)
For anyone thinking what show to go see - this is the one- take everyone you know and enjoy it- I want to see it again if anyone wants to go with me!!!
The official website:
and... on the website you can listen to some of the songs:
(I suggest)
What is this Feeling
Defying Gravity
As Long as You're Mine

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