Dec 10, 2007

Enchanted Part 2

This website takes the references seriously and details EVERY SINGLE ONE

(I thought I was obsessed!)There are so many clips available on YouTube, MySpaceTV and Disney- I have tried to condense it all so you can enjoy it here until you get out to the theater and watch it- and I highly recommend it for the entire family!!!

To watch the trailer and go to the Disney main homepage:
You can click through the site and watch extra clips, download background and screen savers and so much more

"How Does He Know"
This is the best video- includes Prince Edward getting run over by bikers in Central Park

"Happy Working Song"
Princess Giselle sings to all the animals in NYC (Rats, pigeons and cockroaches) to help her clean the apartment... sounds gross, but is SO cute!)

"Ever Ever After"
Carrie Underwood music video- she gets turned into an animated Disney character- I am soooo jealous!

Cute interview- has clips from the movie!

"Villains" Susan Sarandon plays the evil Narissa...

All in all I love this movie- cute side point- Idina Menzel who played Nancy in Enchanted, also played Elphaba in the Broadway show 'Wicked' which I also just saw and am obsessing over- the music is incredible- I will post all that soon... go see it!!!!

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