Nov 7, 2007

JFK Security

Yeah, not so secure.
The obnoxious woman who checked my ID before security grilled me on if
I had liquids or gels in my bag, and when I honestly replied yes, I
was quick to add they were small sizes (actually they are mostly empty
full sizes but who's looking anyway right?) and she goes on to tell me
they had better be in ziplock bags (does ziplock know about the TSA's
product promotion?) to which I hastily added that they of course were
( truthfully, my toothpaste is and one leak prone toner is too) and so
as I hesitantly placed my three bags, laptop, shoes, scarf and purse
on the conveyor sure I was about to be tossed from JFK for being a
lousy liar, no one blinked, said a word or even slowed down to notice
me and my 'contraband' beauty products I seem unable to travel without!
I feel SO secure...
LA, I'm coming as fast as I can!
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