Nov 15, 2007

Britney's ADD Meds are to Blame


I try so hard to believe in this girl- I buy her music, don't rip on her in my posts, try to support her when people gossip about how horrible she is- but she is making it very difficult.

According to many other bloggers, Britney's lawyer is planning on using the 'I have ADD and that's the medication that blew my drug test' defense in court.

Now, while I support her attorney and all the hard work it takes to represent someone like Britney, I am also painfully aware of how much we know about this superstar;s life- and how traumatized I would feel if it were me! Seriously, do we need to know about every last detail of her meds and what she is suffering from?

I know I will cause controversy here, but I am a little bit glad that Kevin might get the kids permanently- here's why:
He will be under such utter public scrutiny that he can never mess up- not even once- and these kids will actually stand a decent chance of coming out of all of this half normal.

Britney will have nothing else to focus on, and since she has worked hard since she was a little kid, that gene will kick back in and she will start focusing on fixing herself- be that through her music or through something else, I don't know, but NOT dealing with daily court appearances and legal fees and all that garbage will only enhance her life.

So, You Honor, if you deign to read blogs, please give Kevin full custody, give Britney weekend visitation rights plus holidays, and then put a media blackout on EVERYTHING.
We've seen enough of her private life, let's let her lick her wounds in privacy so she can start to heal. I still believe she will do something great again one day.

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