Nov 8, 2007

11.8.07 Lambo Event

California Speedway, noon

We went to this event for the chance to test drive the very cool, very fast Lamborghini Superleggera (literally translated as Super light b/c they made the car approx 180 lbs lighter than it's siblings with a bit more power too)

So, we started out testing the Green and Gray Gallardo's pictured below- fun, but not the main attraction...
That would be the yellow Superleggera (they had to change the tires, the previous set got run into the ground!!!)

Once the tires were changed, we were back on track and good to go.

Michael Fuschi- probably the best Lambo expert you'll ever meet- he knows everything there is to know about these cars and genuinely loves them... Thanks again Michael and Jeanette!
The coordinator was giving me tips and general instructions while we were getting ready for my turn...
Green or Grey? (I chose green, I've driven the spyder, wanted to try the coupe)
Nick is the best track driver I have ever seen- he took me on a test run and it was unbelievable!!!
Then it was my turn to drive him around the track...
The first part is a straight run, so I floored it...
Those turns are a lot of work- much harder than simply speeding on the highway!

Whew! Such an adrenaline rush though!!!
The other cars were ready to go after me...
The Superleggera ready and rumbling...
...just a speck in the distance...
There is something so freeing about being able to floor a car that can easily reach 120 with minimal effort, secure in the knowledge that no cop is going to pull you over! Oh, and I got a cool hat too, so you know I'm happy!
It was a super fun day and I am so glad I went. Thanks to all the guys from O'gara- Jon, Michael, Manny, Chris and everyone else... it was a fun day, looking forward to another one sometime soon!


  1. Driving a Lamborghini is something most people never get to do. You should check out



    if you haven't already.

  2. Thanks Evan! I am a huge lambo fan, always looking for new places to check out info and find other car lovers :)

  3. Thanks Evan! I am a huge lambo fan, always looking for new places to check out info and find other car lovers :)

  4. My pleasure. I, too, have a love for the automobile.

    I'm also a fan of the BBC show Top Gear (which now has a History Channel spinoff). You may or may not enjoy it as well, but it's worth taking a look.

    This is a clip from a few years ago, featuring a model that the presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, later went on to buy (and later sell).

    I saw you frown upon motorcycling, which is a sentiment you also share with Jeremy Clarkson, not with me, however.

    You may also enjoy

    if you haven't seen it already. He has had a lot of Lambos on lately.

    Sorry to inundate you with car nerd stuff. Enjoy your motoring!

  5. Never a bother, always a pleasure- I welcome comments and love finding new stuff... I am super familiar with Top Gear and I think at one point I posted the clip of the bugatti racing a jet possibly... if not, look that one up :)

  6. I think it was that episode in which Hammond wore a helmet that was purchased for him by the members of the FinalGear forums.

    Have you ever been to a filming of Top Gear?

    I don't really have the ability to go if I were able to get tickets, but you can get tickets at

  7. I haven't but I dont live in the UK, where I assumed TopGear was filmed? -Chani

  8. Yes, it's filmed at Dunsfold in an old air hangar. All you need is the money/time and a passport.

    The History Channel version of Top Gear is on for a second season, the audience filming for which will probably be done in California, at the old El Toro Air Station. This is only an assumption, as the first season had its filming there (and had an interview with Buzz Aldrin).

    Another program I have found myself quite fond of lately is called 'MotoMan' Today, he posted something about a Goodyear Blimp or Zeppelin crash on his Facebook account. I'm sure it will be on the news later.

    Last week, MotoMan had a big film on the Goodyear Blimp.

  9. Free tickets are available for the studio filming of Top Gear on the History Channel.

    I was a bit slow on getting to this. Hopefully you can get tickets if you want them.