Sep 30, 2007

Weekend Summary

Paris Hilton was on Letterman and he really went after her- almost to the point of making ME squirm! I watched with horrified fascination as he'd grill her about jail, and she'd lightly respond, only to get tossed another remark or dig about what it was like for her in jail! It was actually starting to verge on outright bullying- and David's old enough to know better than that!
Actually, I am kind of sick of him anyway- and Jay Leno is so much funnier...I wish they'd fire Letterman and replace him with Leno- which they should have done to begin with- and keep Craig Ferguson because he's an outright riot!

I watched the final episode of "Rock of Love' with Bret Michaels and am pleased to announce that my pick, Jes, won. She now gets to kiss the man who openly thought Heather the trans-everything would actually give up stripping to watch him flirt with groupies at concerts at the House of Blues. That was sharp, even from me, but seriously- I love Poison too- but was Heather really ever an option? Thank god Lacey was out the week before- her dad made me extremely nervous- I wonder if he had a stroke from seeing his daughter on TV in a completely 'revealing' light?

On CBS News there's this awful story of a lady who choked herself in a holding room at the airport- and it turns out she's the daughter of a well known NY public advocate- it's just a weird story in the first place- why would a 45 year old woman be a suspect for anything? It all sounds like a horrible mistake gone wrong- and really bothers me. Why are we even pretending we have secure airports? I have personally seen the TSA officials, because I fly a lot- not the most inspiring group of employees to rely on our national security if you catch my drift... You can read it here

And finally- I may have mentioned this but I have a facebook account now, so add me as your friend- chanisays

Have a great night- check back later tomorrow for my take on the Desperate Housewives premier...

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