Oct 13, 2007

Venice Beach/Malibu

Such a fun day today! The weather was fabulous and I got a special visit from my someone special- he flew in this morning and we went to Venice Beach and Malibu. It was a great day- and I took lots of pictures to remember it.

But first, on Friday I was in Downtown LA near the courthouse and passed the Disney Concert Hall designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry- it is a stunning building, and when they first built it, the whole thing was made of reflective metal- like mirrors, but they soon found out the metal made the entire building impossible the air condition, it got too hot! So, they banged the metal out and tempered it so it wasn't so shiny, and now they can keep it cool.

This guy asks for money to get drunk- Welcome to Venice Beach baby!

There was an artist from England- Jason- who had poems and art that he did himself- I promised to give him recognition my blog- thank you Jason! Below is some of his art/poems and his autograph

It says: To Chani from Jason 10.13.07 Venice Beach

On to MALIBU!!!

Malibu Yogurt is the most famous place- people come from all over the world just to get a yogurt here (I had the butterscotch vanilla with hot fudge- yum!)

The puppy was so thirsty- he kept drinking from the fountain, so cute!

J. Seward Johnson (of the Johnson & Johnson's) is a famous artist who makes these incredible sculptures and they are all over- you all know the one in Manhattan on Park Ave and I think 45th, where the man looks like he's hailing a cab? Anyway, right outside the yogurt place is this little girl reading a book- and she looks so real!You can see his other stuff at www.sewardjohnson.com

I had a wonderful day, and I am exhausted! We looked at apartments and checked out places where I might possibly enjoy living.

We also had dinner at a great mexican place in Malibu called Casa Escobar- if you are ever in the area, definitely check this place out!

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