Oct 19, 2007

Ugly Betty

I thoroughly enjoyed last nights episode of Ugly Betty- FINALLY! Although I felt it ended on a weird note, and yeah, they used a bear attack on a pregnant lady as a storyline, it was good.

Randomness- James Van Der Beek (admit it, you all watched Dawson's Creek at one point or another- Dawson or Pacey?) plays an ad exec- it's cool that he got on the show- I don't really know what else he's been on recently. He must have a good agent to have gotten the part.

I have a few issues with the trend on the show of people turning to surgery to make themselves happy- first Alex Meade becomes Alexis, now we find out that Wilhemina was an ugly assistant (to Fay Summers) and had surgery as well. I guess since the show promotes tolerance for people like Betty, it's a fair balance, but still, kinda sending a weird message about how to achieve self happiness through complete physical renovation.

Amanda and Mark are still my favorite characters. They aren't the evil duo they were last season, but still I laugh out loud at most of their lines...

Also, Kenny (new character, sits next to Henry in accounting) is funny! I found him refreshing.

I hate that Justin is having issues about who he is- he was so sweet, innocent, unapologetically Justin. I get why they are going there, he misses his dad, thinks that by being like him he won't forget him blah I'm bored. Bring back tap dancing sailor costume wearing Justin!

I wish the Henry/Charlie baby wasn't Henry's. It would have been better if it was the dentists baby, but now, once more, Henry and Betty can't be together. Oh well.

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