Oct 5, 2007

Thursday night TV

There was a theme running through TVland last night- people hiding under beds while other people have sex on them.

Big Shots had it- with the best bud hiding under the bed after being trapped in the reporter's apartment trying to find the tape of the pre-op tranny hooker telling the CEO 'she' won't talk about what happened between them, while being paid by the ambitious reporter to tape the entire thing, in order not to get caught the CEO guy distracts the news reporter by seducing her (again) so she won't write the story about him being with the pre-op tranny hooker... yeah, I know....

and UGLY BETTY (when did the show stop being about good humor and real comedy and start playing out like a tragic soap?) Betty and the Irish chick who works in the closet break into Wilhemina's apartment to grab the Mode book, and are stuck hiding under the bed for two hours while Wilhemina has sex with her BODYGUARD- wait for it, the juicy part is- her body guard is played by her EX HUSBAND RICK FOX who she divorced for cheating on her (and I thought a bit of abusive knocking her around too...)!!!!

Plus, Wilhemina is engaged to be married in a month- so what is going on at Mode Magazine this season?

There is a promo for next week, and it shows Ignacio, Betty's dad, being held at gun point- I really don't want him dead, and if there is anyone out there reading this- please tell the producer's to hire back the funny writer they must have fired between this season and last! It's not a bad show, but the bloom is definitely off this rose so far....

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