Oct 15, 2007

Private Practice/Desperate Housewives

I know, it's Monday night (it's already Tuesday on the East Coast!) and I just finished watching Private Practice from this past Thursday (and the latest Desperate Housewives).

I'll start with Desperate Housewives.
Frankly, it's a little boring this season. You know it's not shaping up well when Lynette with her chemo and her mom slipping her marijuana brownies is the most exciting thing that happens all episode. I wish it was more exciting, mostly because I've been an avid fan for a long time, but sadly, I think the women of Wysteria Lane may be due for a retirement home or something pretty soon because it's getting old REAL fast.

Private Practice.
I like the premise, I do. I adore Kate Walsh- in fact, I feel like we are both newly transplanted to LA and making our way in the world- we've bonded over the differences between the East Coast and the West Coast.
However, the story lines are a bit odd. It's funny though that the latest episode features her complaining about the rain in LA, when it rained today and I totally understand her frustration over it! LA is supposed to be the city of sunshine and beaches and beautiful people.
Today, it was sweaters and umbrellas- yuck. However, I feel like the show is slowly gaining momentum as we start to get attached to the characters and learn their quirks and weaknesses. I think if they can keep the story lines moving, it will do well.

Since I'm not at home these says, I have to watch things as I get chunks of time to cruise the web, so my updates may be late- like, I haven't had time to watch Hero's, although honestly, I watched the entire first season over the summer, and it is much more exciting to watch it episode after episode than to have to wait a week to find out what happens, so I may do that again this year....

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