Oct 1, 2007

Poor Britney

Britney lost custody of her kids today.

I feel so badly for her, it must be an awful day given the horrible month she's had I'd unfortunately not be at all surprised if she kind of lost it and did something crazy. But, here's the thing- this may actually be what saves her.

Not just her career, although it may do that too- but it may open her eyes and give her the space and time she needs to actually choose her path for the next little bit and make good choices.

Kids are a handful, even when you have help- and its no wonder she can't focus on her career after having two of them- I eat a pasta meal and can barely deal with the way my skirt fits the next day! This is the woman who did the music video 'Slave 4 U'- she is under severe pressure to be perfect and in perfect shape at all times- look how long she has done it for already!

I went to the gym today- first time (I was inspired by their Fall special, who doesn't enjoy a kickboxing class?). Turns out, I don't. I walked out after 9 minutes- yes, I was the one facing the wrong way when everyone turned and punching up when they punched down and kicking left when they all kicked right. It sucked. And that was 9 minutes of my paparazzi free, very average life- and I left in tears.

So, give Britney a break. Let her use this time to heal, to figure out who she wants to be going forward- be it supermom or Pop Princess (I'd prefer the latter, let the douche bag bottom feeder ex husband have the kids for a while, see how his 'career' does).

I still have to watch Desperate Housewives- I will get to it, still a bit battered from my one and only kickboxing class.

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