Oct 17, 2007

Playboy Mansion Halloween Party


I just got an e-vite invitation to the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party- and the cost of ONE TICKET is $1000!!!

I was under the impression that unless you had a publicist or were famous for years and years, it was a pretty exclusive event, however, seeing that I got a random email makes me wonder if maybe they be doing some fundraising up there in Holmby Hills....

You can buy your ticket here http://www.jenyc.com/halloweenplayboy/ or just watch "The Girls Next Door" in a few months to see how the party went... needless to say, as much fun as it sounds like, I will not be shelling out $1000 to go to a party alone. :(


  1. This will be my third time going, and it keeps getting better and better. This year there are going to be over 1,000 incredible, beautiful women there! There will be Kandy body-painted models.

  2. Thanks for the comment but the date on this post is 2007- having lived in LA for a few years now I have learned that not only is it easy to get into the parties there, but that except for a select few most are just hosted there and have nothing to do with Hef or Playboy at all. And it is a known fact that they will let anyone in...if your goal is to score with a chic save your money and go to a bar :) have fun with your painted ladies