Oct 14, 2007

John Goodman

First, look him up on www.IMDB.com
Chances are, you have seen at least 5 things he is either in or has done voice work for. Now,my story.

I was in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Malibu yesterday and as I was giving my order, I hear the voice from the Dunkin Donuts commercial order, you know "America runs on Dunkin".


I look, and there he is, standing with a man- and they both looked pretty old. He looks WAY older than I remember- and the most recent thing I saw him in was the Judge from Pahrump, Nevada on Studio 60!

We walk out, and in the parking lot I mention that he is the guy from Roseanne- and the person I'm with assumes I mean Roseanne's REAL LIFE ex-husband and goes on to tell me how they met him (Tom Arnold) and this whole story, so we turn around to go back and say hi.

Totally my fault, because John Goodman says within two seconds, "No, you're thinking of the other guy".

Ooops. Sorry.

Anyway, if John Goodman ever reads this, I am a fan. I liked you as the dad in "Coyote Ugly" and "West Wing" and "Studio 60" are still some of the best TV out there today.

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