Oct 3, 2007

Isaiah Thomas Bull***t

First, read the story for yourself- you can find it on any news site, but here's a short one.
A longer version can be found here at http://www.cbsnews.com/

Here's what happened.
Anucha Browne Sanders, a former Knicks marketing executive accused Thomas of insulting and harassing her at work. She never complained while she worked there, and then she was fired and suddenly she files a lawsuit. Thomas took responsibility for foul language, but claimed it was never directed at her.

The jury (I am only calling them that because otherwise you'd have no idea which bunch of stupid morons I am talking about) found him GUILTY and then FINED the OWNER of Madison Square Garden!!!

What the hell?

Assume for a moment that he degraded her the worst way possible and should accurately be found guilty- then why is MSG being fined? Because he works for them? That's ridiculous! This is another case of people using the law to take money from those that they can and redistribute it because deep down inside that 'juror', that 'group of my peers' is pissed off that they had to miss work to listen to a case in court where a rich man who is famous for coaching a basketball team may have hurt the feelings of a woman who has kids, and isn't as rich.

It goes even deeper than that, because if Thomas really did wrong her, then the stupid jury should have fined him and ONLY him- not fined MSG and it's owner $11.6 MILLION- can you honestly read this and say that is justice? No, you know the truth is that they gave her the money because they could, and because it's exciting to be part of a media-grabbing trial and that our ass backwards legal system is screwed.

I get it, Dolan is a jerk, so sue him- leave Isaiah Thomas out of it and let him do what he is supposed to do, coach.

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