Oct 18, 2007

Heroes & Private Practice

Just watched last nights Private Practice.
I like Kate Walsh, she's ditzy-ish as Addison Shepherd, but I'm a little bit over her neurotic issues.
Dell is still very cute though. The little boy being gay storyline was hard to watch- they need to write it funny or it will die a slow painful death- I hope it gets funnier.

I am trying to catch up on Heroes- I haven't watched it in a few weeks.
I really don't get Maya's power- the black eyes crying black goo- weird. I am about 2 episodes behind- I thought Kristen Bell was in the series now? She has yet to make an appearance, I don't quite get it.

I finished and am now up to speed on Heroes. To be honest, it wasn't worth the hours it took, but at least I am up to date, oh well.


  1. I love Kate Walsh & Private Practice.

    I wouldn't say Addie was neurotic - just the new girl in town trying to fit into a new life, job, home etc. It is totally in character for her to ramble on when she gets flustered though !

  2. It's the rambling I was refering to- I totally relate! I hold it all together, but sometimes I'll realize I said someting totally ridiculous, and I'll keep going, on and on, even though it would be kinder to those listening if I just stopped talking!