Oct 20, 2007

Grey's Anatomy


I love old intern Norman. I feel like he is an inside joke personified. He makes fun of last seasons word - Seriously- and it's just so funny! And he accidentally tells a lady she is dying (she's 48 and came in for a mole removal), and she cries- and then he finds out he told the wrong patient! Just a very cute character.

George told Calli about Izzie- dum dum dum...
and Calli confronts Izzie (after telling George she forgives him- huh?) and tells her to meet her at the cafeteria at lunch! It's like Junior High, with scalpels. I am slightly uncomfortable with this storyline, but there's nothing that can make it much better. I liked George when he was confident and goofy, now he's beaten, and it sucks- I want him to take back the power and be O'Malley!

Someone needs to tell Calli to stop tweezing her eyebrows- they are too thin and looked much better thicker- her face doesn't support them the way they are now.

Separate note- where's all the good music?
Last season had some awesome songs- I still listen to Brandi Carlyle's "The Story" all the time.
This season I haven't noticed the music yet- still waiting for a defining song to catch my attention.

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