Oct 8, 2007

Back to Cali... Part 2

So, the end of a second day of driving (11am till 11pm LONG DAY!)

I did not know that there were so many universities along the highway! I passed Notre Dame, Purdue... so many I recognized and in my exhausted haze cannot seem to remember, well anyway, a lot.

Also, today there were 2 deer for my roadkill count (anything smaller is just obvious), but I got a special bonus in Indiana and Iowa- 2 dead cows! Seriously- who hits a cow? Who lets their cow wander into a busy highway? Who let's the huge dead cow sit on the side of the road!!!! That was the gross portion of this post. Now that's out of my system-

I have pictures to post! (thank you iPhone!)

There was this crazy guy in Ohio who would follow me really closely as I sped just 5 miles above the speed limit, and then when I slowed down he'd slow down too and drop into the other lane, when I sped up, he'd switch lanes and get right back behind me again- so I slowed down to the ridiculous speed of 45 (limit was 65!!!) and he had to pass me just because everyone else was doing at least 60, and then I followed him up close for a while, but if he slowed down or changed lanes, I slowed down too- finally he started following another girl- and he literally did that for hours- till we reached Chicago!!!

I got two pics of his car (just in case there is ever a murder or something that sounds similar, it was him, I have the proof!) Its the black truck- license plate 083 BXS!

Also, in Illinois/Iowa, there was this awesome sunset- I kept trying to take pics of it and drive, not so easy, but here are the good ones.

Chicago had rain and sun at the same time, depending which side of the road you were on, and then the sun shone rays and it looked all holy, I tried to capture it:

You have to imagine the angels singing "Ahhhhhhhhhh" like harps.....

I have a great suite (Thank You Starwood again!!!) and am looking forward to Showtime and bed. Plus, the soda machine gave me 2 Ice Tea's when I paid for 1, so I like this hotel.
This is the view of the hotel from the 1oth Floor down to the lobby- the elevators are glass and there's a waterfall too!

My goal tomorrow is Denver. It should be an easy day, about 9 hours, ish- today was more so it should be a piece of cake!

Okay, fun facts:
# of times I listened to the 'Newsies' soundtrack:
-4, repeated 3 songs twice

# of times I belted out Freddy Mercury of Queen "We are the Champions":
-3 (can't help it, its a great driving song)

# of stops I made today:
-3, one for bathroom (after 5 hours!) one for gas and then the hotel (impressive, right?)

# of drivers who brighted me because they thought I had MY brights on (and I didn't I checked each time!):
-7 -in Iowa, people take brights very seriously apparently, and my lights are super bright just when they are on regular, and people kept coming up close behind me once it got dark and brighting me!!!

Hope everyone had a great Columbus Day, I'll keep you posted as I trek across America...


  1. thanx for the update (although i could do with out the roadkill count!) Me and Ari are rooting 4 u! LuvRix

  2. can you txt me the sunset pics?? MWAH Mims