Oct 8, 2007

Back to Cali... Part 1

Yup, like the song says, "I'm going going back back to Cali Cali"

I set out yesterday and passed through 4 States, drove 8 hours, drank 4 Red Bulls, saw two dead deer, stopped to fill up for gas twice and slept 4 hours in a nice hotel room in Ohio.

Stop the presses- I actually made it to breakfast too! Actually, even though I went to sleep, I was so wired from the Red Bull I tossed and turned and that is why at 7:25am on a Monday morning I am blogging.

Hopefully today I will drive about 12 hours, depending on the traffic and my ability to focus.

Few fun facts:
Least favorite state I have ever driven through: Pennsylvania
Best Rewards Program under the SUN: Starwood
Number of times I sang "I'm Sailing Away" at the top of my lungs last night: 7
Number of times I'll sing it today: Guessing at least 3 (it's addictive!)

Anyway, since I won't be glued to my TV or DVR for the next week, I'll either catch up on shows online and update as I catch them, or just get over it and miss a few episodes, I haven't decided yet.

It is really freeing to put all of your things in a car, and head out for the open road. I suggest it as therapy for anyone stuck in a rut. It gives you time to clear your head and think and plan and dream, something I think we all forget to do when we are so busy dealing with life. Of course, I understand not everyone can just 'pack up the car and take off' but seriously, you should try it if you get the chance!

Oh- and for all my Canadian friends- how random is this- when I was eating breakfast this morning, this woman sat down next to me and started telling me she is on vacation (in OHIO???) and she's from Toronto, currently living in Missisauga! So, Ohio is the secret vacation spot you've all been keeping from the rest of us? Random!

Happy Columbus Day to everyone- I'll be on the road, so everyone else DRIVE SAFE!!!

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