Oct 3, 2007

Desperate Housewives

Yikes, got busy, forgot to watch the premier episode of Desperate Housewives, sat down and scanned through my recorded shows late last night and realized and finally had the chance to see it.

It is going to be another interesting season, the writer's have shown that. To summarize, Bree is pretending to be 8 months pregnant while her daughter Danielle is at a convent until she actually has her baby, because she really is pregnant.
Mike and Susan are married and Susan is informed by the new OBGYN that she may have early onset menopause, and so she acts crazy for a few days asking Mike why he married a dried up old prune (or something like that). It turns out the doctor, who is also Susan's new neighbor (yes there was an uncomfortable "I'm your new neighbor and you are friends with my wife when she lived here years ago and now I'm looking at your private areas scene") made a mistake and Susan doesn't have menopause- she's PREGNANT!
(I predict a miscarriage, not because I don't want her to have a baby with Mike, but because there was a scene where they discussed how he wanted kids, she didn't and now that she's pregnant they are happy, so that's my prediction).

Moving right along, the doctor and his wife (who, as I mentioned used to live on Wysteria Lane but moved away 'suddenly' years ago) have a daughter who was Julie's (Susan's daughter) best friend when they were little, but Dylan doesn't remember Julie at all- she only alludes to something 'scary happening at night in a dark room and a man.....I could lay out my prediction there, but I hate to be more gruesome than the actual show, but here goes anyway. The wife was married before and the doctor is actually Dylan's step-dad, I think her real dad molested her or something and her mom must have killed him or had him sent to prison, she moved away, found a way to wipe Dylan's memory and remarried. Now, they are back on Wysteria Lane, and we don't know why...

There were two big things that happened.
First, Lynette has cancer.
Her first scene is of her bald head while she's looking for her wig so her kid won't see, because she HASN'T TOLD ANYONE except her husband and mother. This psycho mom at her kids school is driving her crazy about hosting a PTA thing and she finally pulls of her wig and that shuts her up- but know everyone sees she's bald and she finally tells them why.

Second, Edie plans to fake hang herself so Carlos won't leave her, but her plan screws up and she almost dies. Carlos read her 'suicide note' and knows she blames him, and feels guilty and plays along that they are still in live- even though he asked Gabrielle to run away with him on her wedding night to that politician who is just using her to get the Latino vote. Gabby agrees to leave, but then Edie pulls her thing and Carlos has to CANCEL! Twisted.

It's a crazy opener, full of the usual mix of laughs and sadness, but I think it may be a great season!

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