Oct 20, 2007

Big Shots

I love the house where they film the country club scenes on this show. It is beautiful, and the location scout did a great job- I will have to dig and try to figure out where it is.

I don't know if people who watch this show also watched West Wing when it was on, but for those who did, they should recognize Joshua Malina (he played the White House attorney). Am I alone in finding it hilarious that this straight laced, cross the T's and dot the I's guy found himself stuck in a scandalous love triangle where his mistress befriends his wife? It's enough to crack me up just seeing his face on screen. Plus, now his wife is trying to fix Marla (the ex-mistress) up with all his friends because she just went through a break up (although as his wife doesn't know, he was the one who broke up with her!) and she moved into their house to get over it. On top of that, he sets Marla up with the gayest guy he can find, and she ends up sleeping with him in his house!!! To top it all off, the guy tells Karl she's crazy and that he needs to get him out of the newly hatched relationship. Great storyline- very funny.

I didn't watch Alias, but I like Michael Vartan. He is a little mopey about his wife sleeping with his now dead boss and his pending divorce, but he plays out well onscreen. It's obvious that Nia Long is going to end up his new love interest, or else they'll keep teasing that until it can't possibly happen.

I've said it before- this is the male version of Sex and the City, with a twist.

I also find it funny that the opening credits run approximately 13 minutes into the show! I noticed it before and this time paid attention- is that normal? The whole show is 41.59 minutes, so that's a huge chunk! I feel like they are doing that to grab your attention and then you kind of tolerate it like a commercial- in show advertising almost?

This episode didn't have as many great lines or zingers, but it was decent. The last few seconds were the best- cliffhanger! Who has Dontrell's black book- and will they use it against Duncan?

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