Oct 11, 2007

Back to Cali... Part 4

I'm here!

Whew, so many funny things happened.

-in Sterling,Nebraska I saw a sign on the highway: "Prison Facility. Do not pick up hitchhikers."

-in the Colorado Mountains (near Vail which is exactly as I imagined it- a little town nestled in the foothills of the mountains- makes me want hot chocolate and a roaring fireplace) there are signs on the really steep downward roads that read "Runaway Truck Ramp" and I couldn't figure out what exactly that meant until I saw it in action- a huge truck with brakes squealing and smoking is going downhill too fast, so at the bottom they veer off the road onto a dirt road that is almost vertical- this is our 21st Century method for stopping trucks!!!

-Las Vegas is STUNNING! The lights are EVERYWHERE- I felt like Abu from Aladdin, getting distracted by all the pretty shiny lights!

Now, for my pictures!

The view from my Denver hotel room!

Colorado mountains- so gorgeous

Who names a town 'No Name'? It's not like they ran out of options!!!

Who knew Utah had stunning mountains? I thought it was flat!

A Dunkin Donuts truck with a circular staircase on the back? The explanation escapes me on this one.

This canyon is in Utah, it is pretty awesome (I actually stopped and got out of the car for this one, as opposed to most of my drive-by photography)

Funny story:
I was stuck in traffic in Utah and looked over, and saw little sheep butts sticking out of the truck next to me! 500 miles till LA, everything starts to seem pretty hilarious, but this had me holding my sides laughing so hard!

My usual sunsets (in Arizona)
I have a lot more of these, but these are 2 of the prettiest. (sorry for the smudges, it's bugs on the windshield)

I got to my hotel at 12:30am LA time- which is 3:30am for all those on the East Coast in NY- and promptly fell asleep.
Today, I will probably drive to a few places and be a tourist. I have my heart set on going to a taping of "The Tonight Show" but that will be another day.

So ends the road trip from NY to LA. It was fun, I saw a lot of the country I never really knew about, and now that it's out of my system, I'd pretty happily never drive that long again!
To new adventures in California!

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