Oct 30, 2007


Guess who I ran into again today at Venice Beach- Bobby!
That's him above- I have posted about him before (and this is the old pic) but I saw him today, singing the same song "Jingle Bell Jingle Bell help me get drunk!" He is actually a nice guy, and we took a picture together on his camera today!

The guy above was playing the most beautiful classical music on the baby grand piano on the beach- it was incredible. He is very talented and obviously was trained to play.

The famous Muscle Beach- where all the bodybuilder's work out

If you read my previous posts, you'll recall an artist named Jason- I ran into him again today- he is still creating cool art and interesting poems- I didn't take a new picture, but here is my favorite from my previous post-

I also ran into another artist- Joel Batz- who does the coolest Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn prints- you can view his stuff here at http://www.joelbatz.com/ or visit his myspace page www.myspace.com/joelbatz

Oh- I almost forgot- I stopped at Circuit City this afternoon and picked up the brand new Britney Spears CD- it's called Blackout and I have only heard snippets of it, but I plan to play it in my car all day tomorrow so I will have a full review then.
The guy at Circuit City said they had sold a lot of albums so hopefully this is the first step of many for the resurrection of her career- I am rooting for her!

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