Oct 19, 2007


I love the weather here!
I sat by the pool for a few hours, and even went in for a little bit! (anyone who knows me also knows I never get in the water, but it was so hot and comfortable- I actually enjoyed it!)

After the pool, we went to the landmark:
Randy's Donuts

I believe it is self explanatory, but just in case- it is a giant donut on top of a donut bakery- and yes, we got donuts!   I recommend the glazed and also the buttermilk ones- they are really good!

As we were driving back, we passed a firing range- LAX Firing Range to be exact, and as I have never shot a gun before in my life, we decided it would be a fun thing to do.

Let me just say, I have a healthy fear for guns- it just seems like overkill (pardon the pun) because I believe you can stop most people with pepper spray or tasers- no need to actually go putting holes in people, if you get my drift, but anyway,
My first shot was a 9 mm and I hit the target! The little hole just left of the 8, that's my first shot ever!

(You can click on the picture to enlarge)

I also shot a Beretta, which is a lot lighter, and kicks A LOT harder! My aim kinda went downhill after that first shot, and honestly, I am more afraid of guns now than I was before.
I reiterate, it just seems unnecessary extra force for 99% of the situations I can imagine them being used for!
Also, there is something pretty terrifying about standing in a room full of strangers shooting a target, one of them could just lose it and shoot at me, or misfire, or- well, it was scary.
I walked out of there wondering at how it was so easy for me to get hold of a gun, even in a firing range situation.

There's a line in a comedy thing, I think it was Kid Rock who said something like "Know how to solve the gun problem today? Make bullets really really expensive! Make 'em think twice before they shoot a $50,000 bullet- that person better be worth it!"

In a movie I once saw, Eddie Griffiths can't figure out how to load his gun and he just throws it at the guy saying"Oh yeah, that's alright, I can just throw it at you!"
I agree.

On the way out the door, I noticed they were selling this book- and it just cracked me up! Not sure exactly what they are promoting, or even saying for that matter, but its kinda hilarious!

As we walked back to the hotel, we passed an LAPD officer, and I asked if I could sit on his motorcycle- and surprisingly- he said yes and even mentioned that we should take a picture from the front to get the words 'Police' in the pic! Thank you officer!
p.s. Those bikes are NICE!

To end the day, an LA sunset.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. it was Cris Rock who said the bullet line...nuce bike but you kinda shocked me with that one cause i sorta pegged u as not such a big fan of the bike...you know what i'm talkin about. still cool shots hope ur havin fun