Oct 17, 2007

10.17.07 Part III

I apologize, I had to do this in three posts because I haven't figured a way around the 220 characters/post limit yet.

Anyway, as I was saying, I made my way to the Sunset Strip

I snapped a picture of the Saddle Ranch...

This tour would not be complete without the Chateau Marmont (yes it really is a huge chateau)

Two pictures of the House of Blues
(that's a cool place- I've been told it has all these persian carpets on the floor and its a great place to hear live music)

A blurry picture of the Skybar, which looks like its under construction...

I went until Sunset and Fairfax, turning around at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, the one where Perez Hilton (www.perezhilton.com) started his blogging career. (He wasn't there)

And my last stop... Sunset Tan!

I went in and lo and behold Nick (yes, from the show) was behind the counter!

We talked about tans and thing to do in LA, turns out he's from Florida and thinks it's hilarious that people pay to tan in LA when the suns shines so often.

I also found out that Britney Spears had been in the same store earlier- I missed her again!

Last time, I found out she had gone into the same Starbucks in Malibu right after we left- I keep missing her!!!

Now I am back at the hotel, tired from my day- talk to you all tomorrow!

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