Oct 17, 2007

10.17.07 Part II

Such a fun and exciting day!
I started off by driving to Beverly Hills to return a library book I borrowed from a friend.
The Beverly Hills library, as one would expect and much like the rest of Beverly Hills, is beautiful.
It's located in the Civic Center and has gorgeous palm trees and walkways and archeways- I took two pictures of the outside (not the inside, I got a funny look when I tried to get interior shots)

Like I said, arches, palms trees and walkways...
But the best part is yet to come!
Parking at the library can be tricky if you've never been there before, and as I circles around the circular drive looking for the parking lot, I noticed Chris Lowell sitting in front of a fountain with a girl.
Who is Chris Lowell you might ask.
Ah hah- he is the very cute, young midwife receptionist on the show "Private Practice" which I am currently obsessed with! (check him out here: http://imdb.com/name/nm1645313/)
Anyhoo, I surreptitiously tried to snap a pcture of him as I drove by, but unfortunately, in the first pick a car drove by and in the second, his head was down.

But my story does not end yet!
After I returned the book and left the library, I passed the very same spot again, only this time, Chris was talking to the guy in the BMW in front of me, leaning in the passenger window.
The light turned green and they kept talking, but I didn't honk or anything, just waited- finally he stood up and looked back at me and mouthed "Sorry" with a little shrug, and I mouthed back "No problem, I'm a fan" although he probably had no idea what I said anyway and that is the end of my Chris Lowell story.

But my day gets even more fun! Read on...

I walked around, down Rodeo Drive (hence the naked silver statue below)

And wandered past Versace, Chanel and all the other beautiful shops- I even got a boc of gummy worms from a guy and donated $3 to support an anti-drugs thing for kids!

There was a lot of activity on top of the Chanel store- big crystal chandeliers were being hung and many men in black were arranging lighting- I am assuming there is a fashion related event there tonight, but since I wasn't invited, well...

Onward I went, stopping at the famous 'Crumbs' bakery

These are little mini Crumb cupcakes that you can sample- I had the pumpkin spice mini and bought a full sized Pina Colada

Yes, it comes with a little umbrella, I haven't eaten it yet- it's too cute- saving it for a midnight snack!

Above is a picture of 'Sprinkles' the competitor- a few days ago we walked by it and there was a line 20 people long- they gladly waited on line for 30 minutes to buy a $5 cupcake because "Oprah said they were good on her show." Seriously!

I passed the Beverly Hills Hotel (hows that for drive by photography?!?)
Then I left Beverly Hills and made my way to the famous Sunset Strip (located on Sunset Blvd)

Read on in the next post...

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