Oct 15, 2007


Went back to Malibu today- it was cloudy and overcast, but there wasn't much traffic so it was a nice drive.
There's a great sushi place 'Bui Sushi' that we ate lunch at, and the food comes out so beautifully displayed, I had to get a picture of it! I highly recommend this place for anyone heading to Malibu anytime soon.
Rumor has it that it's booked out for at least the next year, but still, a Malibu landmark worth driving by.
It is cold and overcast right now, but hopefully the weather will be much nicer tomorrow, and since I'll be back in Malibu apartment searching, maybe I'll be lucky enough to bump into a celebrity or two!
The Malibu Yogurt place I went to a few days ago has the best thing I've had in a while- they created "Malibu Berry" which is their response to the domination created by Pinkberry. Honestly, this stuff is better.
There, I said it. As awesome as Pinkberry is -there goes my free year supply :( - Malibu Berry is 10 times better! I have a new addiction, and hopefully since I'll have a new apartment tomorrow, this will become my new place to be all the time!
On the way home, we drove to the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Ray (actually, we detoured out of our way to get there but that's besides the point) and aside from the stunning gorgeousness that is the Ritz, we walked out the back dining room to the boardwalk directly behind the hotel where all the cool important people park their yachts and boats.
There were a few cool boats parked and the names are funny- there's one called 'Like Butta', and Captain Neil wasn't there today but he is the guy who makes sure all the boats are maintained and running. We met a few of the other boat owners, and hung out there for a bit but it was cold and we were happy to get back to the car.
There's not much else going on right now, but I will update tomorrow.

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