Sep 28, 2007

Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy

Finally had the chance to see both season premiers- and I am happy to say it wasn't that bad! It was a little sad to find out that Santos actually died- the scene where Hilda is in her room and you think she is talking to him and you realize she has been sitting in a dark cold room by herself was tragic. It actually affected me a little bit, but there was so much else going on I didn't focus too much on it till now.

Alexis wakes up from her coma and has no idea she's a girl now! The writer's have a great sense of irony. My favorite character remains Amanda- with her sidekick Mark of course! She finds out (confronting her parents in their Scarsdale house while they are having some sort of swinger's thing...) that she actually is adopted and Faye Summers was her mom- making Bradford Meade possibly her dad? Hopefully we'll find out next week!!! All in all, a great start for an awesome show.

Now, my Grey's Anatomy issue. It was OK. Kind of. Why did they have to make Izzy be the freak by operating on the roadkill deer? Blech. I get it, Isaiah Washington is off the show, but since Kate Walsh also left to do her spin off, there really aren't the juicy characters left- the ones remaining are all kind of damaged.
The one new twist is that Meredith's half sister Lexie is an intern (under Christina of course) so that will be a good storyline for about a minute. Oh, and after what appeared to have been just a completely rotten day for George, because he failed the intern exam and has to repeat his intern year, he shows up at Izzy's door late and night and he says, wait for it, "I love you too."
Lot's of room to maneuver the storyline so far- as I said, it was OK. Kind of.

On a very separate note, I caught the tail end of the Tonight Show and the guy who plays Chuck on the new show 'Chick' is actually kind of hilarious! He went door to door in an LA building at the time his show premiered and asked people to watch his show. Very promotion heavy, but I guess its working- the show has a lot of hype so far...

Here's looking forward to a decent weekend with Silver Patron and the number one ring tone on iTunes "Gimme More".


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