Sep 27, 2007

Mid Week Update

Us Weekly had their party last night in LA and honestly, the most 'exciting' thing anyone can find to write about is that Vanessa Hudgens (of the fresh faced Disney rising star naked pics fame) didn't show, despite being honored by the magazine. The other event worth noting is that while both Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag (of The Hills fame) showed, their PR people managed to arrange it so they arrived well apart of each other so no fun confrontations. Boo

A few days before the season finale aired I started watching "Burn Notice". It was actually pretty great- I am obsessed with Fiona- real name Gabrielle Anwar. She is stunning- I think she might be hotter than Angelina Jolie! I hope the show comes back next summer and that she's in it.

Ugly Betty premiers tonight and I know it will be great- unless the writers let all the first season success go to their heads, it should be another exciting fast paced season with twists, turns and scandal. I will, of course, write about it after I see it.

Grey's Anatomy is also premiering tonight and while I get why Isaiah Washington left/got fired, I'm sad to see his character gone. I liked him, he was a sensible grounding force where other characters could come to talk and rationalize their own wacky issues. Besides, who else could Christina possibly hook up with? No one else would put up with her emotional unavailability- it might have been a mistake to can him, but hopefully the show isn't ruined beyond repair and the writers will give us a kick ass new season.

I watched the new show 'Chuck' last night- it's cute. Basically, this totally nerdy computer guy gets a random email from his old college roommate (who, it turns out, is dead and also a rogue spy) and by seeing the email, the entire NSA/CIA computer program gets encrypted into Chuck's head. There's a CIA chick who may have been romantically involved with the now dead roommate spy and a guy from the NSA who at first tries to kill both her and Chuck and then agrees to sit back and tag along so the NSA doesn't lose it' secrets to the CIA by way of Chuck. Breathe.
Has potential - Chuck has the requisite nerdy best friend who downloads porn on his laptop and the gorgeous sister always trying to set him up. The funniest character is actually the sister's boyfriend- nicknamed 'Captain Awesome'- because everything he does is of course, awesome.

Finally, there is "The Big Bang Theory" also revolving around nerds (this is what happens when Beauty and the geek gets great ratings- producers start to believe that people actually want all their shows to be about geeky, nerdy guys who get lucky...) The show is cute- 2 nerds live across the hall from a new hot chick who has just moved in. Has a lot of storyline possibilities and the characters are kind of endearing so far. Jury's still out on this one.

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