Sep 26, 2007

Private Practice Season Premier (and ANTM)

Okkkkkk, whew. I just finished watching America's Next Top Model (2nd episode, cycle 9) and the brand spanking new series premier of the Grey's Anatomy spin off "Private Practice".

ANTM was typical- and I totally guessed Mila was out, although she is 'pretty' she's not a model, and I would bet she comes from some type of privileged background, you can just tell.
The girls were catty and mean and I hate the infighting, but my favorites this season are Chantal (who stands, walks and poses like a pro) and runner up Lisa who is the under dog who can maybe take it all. For now, I am rooting for Chantal.

I'd like to mention Heather- who suffers from Asperger's (a type of autism, which I believe the character of Jerry Espinson from the show Boston Legal has). The girl totally overhears the other girls talking about her and except for a few tears on a call with her mom, doesn't react and call out the girls! Kudos to her for that- she claims to be socially awkward, but it takes mad restraint not to confront people when they badmouth you like that, way to go girl!

Speaking of- Boston Legal aired its season opener too. It was alright, although Alan was in a dress again and Denny got arrested for being with an undercover prostitute in the first 10 minutes. Captain America (my own nickname for him) is now a DA and Denise is on Maternity leave. Plus Clarence/Clarice had a scene with the new honcho flown in from NY, who it turns out, is sleeping with Shirley.

Now, on to Private Practice.

I love Kate Walsh. In real life, she just got married about 4 weeks ago to a guy named Alex Young who is the president of some company that produces TV/movies- congrats for that!
Her character is a little quirky, you can tell they are trying to keep it light, but she still gets to do surgery and be a real surgeon. Her naked dance was cute, and the series has potential- I was pleasantly surprised.

I wasn't so excited about the therapist storyline- where her patient freaks out in a department store and starts counting the tiny tiles because a camping trip commercial reminds her of the son she had who died of cancer- it was a little rough, and the actress made this really ugly crying face- hard to watch sort of. But once again, I get it- trying to make us empathise with the characters, get emotionally involved and all.

The kooky ex wife/girlfriend who both want the dead guys sperm was interesting, but pretty predictable.

The writers will be hard pressed to get away from the Grey's Anatomy association, but so far well done. (unlike the sadly much hyped huge let down Hero's season premier)

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