Sep 28, 2007


I want to take the time to point your attention to a few things I am looking forward to.

To start, Nip/Tuck has finally made it into the big time and will be airing on October 30th (as opposed to the previous seasons that aired during the summer which is how they check the temperature of new shows that have questionable subject matter. Ahem)
Anyhoo, I have loved it since the very first season and am excited for it to start. Even if there were some weird moments (hello, Famke Jansen was a man- how Alexis Meade of her! I knew I had watched that storyline before, you know successful man gets tired of picking up chicks and actually becomes a hot woman himself- sometimes when you get to the top there is nowhere else to go but sideways! )

I am also super psyched for my four favorite girls to make it to the silver screen- well, actually, I really only like 2 of them and Samantha could kick Carrie's ass any day... The new Sex and the City movie is currently filming in NYC and while there are rumors of infighting and meowing, who cares-it should be a great movie enjoyed by all, even people who never actually watched the show while it was on the air and have only caught it in the awesome ENDLESS reruns on late night TV (thank you TBS!)

Project Runway will air its new season November 14th and you can find the list of contestant online- there's a preppy looking Abercrombie-ish guy I think I might root for so far, because a well dressed designer will probably make nice clothes, but only time will tell. I expect we will see Michael Kors (I LOVE HIS SPRING COLLECTION- OBSESSED WITH THE COLORS!!!) and of course Nina Garcia and hopefully our favorite Parson's School of Design Diva Tim Gunn will make an appearance or two, if he's not too busy on the Style network....

One point of note- I created a Facebook account to try to get my blog some MUCH needed PR, so add me as a friend- ChaniSays - so I can get this blog up and running properly!

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