Sep 26, 2007

First Ever Post!

Here goes- first ever post on a blog that has been way too long in the making.

My name is Chani (pronounced Han-ee)and I am a self proclaimed pop culture expert.
I watch (with the help of my DVR of course) at least 4 hours of TV a night. I actually create 'homework' viewing for shows I am not in the mood to watch right away, and I save these for when I am up late at 3am, something that happens a lot. I also have a few shows I record and forward through just to catch up on the few segments I like- usually The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Letterman and Leno (although I like Jay's humor, so I will watch the whole show- Letterman just isn't funny anymore at all!) I also read online blogs religiously every day, along with the major news web sites, and read through a few newspapers every few days too. I read about different actors on and love- LOVE- award season! I record and watch the Emmy's, the Oscar's, all the MTV award shows, plus the BET and VH1 award shows and of course, Miss America, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe!

It's not that I don't have a life, I totally do, but I honestly enjoy seeing what makes people tick. I get a lot of flack for watching reality TV- but I love it! America's Next Top Model may not be the stimulating and may lower my IQ by ten points each time I watch- but Tyra is out of her mind (in a good way, of course, in the way that sells millions in licensing deals and keeps her shows on the air year after year). Real World- if I wasn't absolutely terrified of being filmed going to the bathroom, and a little hesitant to actually trust the producers of the show with my entire history, I think it would be a great experience- as long as I'm not typecast as the slutty bitch who sleeps with all the guys in the house and then loses her mind over it of course!

I have an opinion about everyone and everything- and I created my own forum to voice it. I wasn't a huge Britney fan back in the day when she first made it big, but I knew her songs and liked her videos. Today, I have a 'road trip mix' in my car of all her songs, alphabetically- I love her! Who cares if she smokes and does crack or whatever- not me! I don't live with her, I just listen to her music and watch her dance. I was pulling for her at the MTV music awards this year- and when she failed, it hurt to watch. Leave it to Britney to mess that up and still release a great dance song that gets airplay on the radio- I can't get enough. (and even if we won't all admit it, if she actually does end up getting her act together, won't we all think how great it is that she rose up from literally the dregs of the industry and arose once more as the pop diva princess we knew and loved?) Enough about her...

Music- when I am in the car, I listen to the pop hit making stations and update my iTunes on my computer every week. I always download whatever they have for free and take out Cd's from the library and burn them into my iTune's so I have them on my iPod. (Oh come on- we all do it- it's not worth buying Cd's anymore, besides, why else does the library spends so much money on Cd's- they don't actually think we're going to borrow them to listen for a week!!!)

I attend concerts, go to live music events, am obsessed with Fashion Week and read the entire Vogue that lands with a thunk on my front step the DAY it arrives in the mail. Sometimes, I cut out dresses or make-up looks that I like and try to copy them or buy things that look similar, with my own take on the new trends. As I said- I consider myself an expert. I am always piping up with interesting facts about celebrities and musicians that most people don't know. So, I should really channel this knowledge somewhere useful- and I figured that this is a decent place to start.

I don't know when I will post yet, or how often, but when I come across things that catch my attention, I will write it up- beauty tips, online sales (and the great promotional codes for free shipping and 15% off), breaking news... you get the picture!

I welcome comments, tips and advice.
Happy reading!

p.s. Private Practice premiered tonight, and I have it recorded, so I am going to go watch it now. I wasn't blown away by the preview episode they showed during last season's Grey's Anatomy, but I like Kate Walsh and hope the writer's got inspired and blew it away!

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