Sep 28, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money

Had to make this a separate post, even though I watched it with all the other shows it premiered alongside on ABC.

Dirty Sexy Money

I love it. The Darlings are the new Hilton/Trump/Rockefeller NYC royalty that tabloids drool over. The best part is, the show can totally spoof the real life antics of high society and get away with it, because its fiction- LOVE IT!

The basic storyline is this family with way too much money for their own good had a private family lawyer who passes away (or was murdered in a plane crash, we'll find out) and now the patriarch, played by the ever impressive Donald Sutherland (yes, father of Keifer whose star on 24 is fizzling fast in my opinion so get a guest role on this show before its too late- side note- how many seasons can we actually watch where it is 24 HOURS STRETCHED OUT INTO A WHILE SEASON!!!!)

Where was I? Ahh, Donald Sutherland decides to hire his now dead/murdered lawyers son, who also happens to be a lawyer, to maintain the families multitude of issues- be they securing legal papers for a yacht won in a hand of poker crewed by illegals to figuring out a way to get an illegitimate son into a prestigious elementary school, not forgetting the daughter who wants to make it on her own as an actress, dressed in designer furs with three maids to carry out her luggage as she leaves home.

Need I say more- I love it! Welcome back Peter Krause, I loved you on Six Feet Under, but this is an improvement- and a surefire hit (so long as the aforementioned NY social royals don't get too offended, naturally).

New York, New York
The city that never sleeps.

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